Terry Joyce | Professor of psychology | School of Global Studies, Tama University
Pooh in the enchanted place A somewhat apt description! [Updated: 20200422]
[Almost entirely not due to some mysterious twist of coincidence, but an enduringly apt description that nods to some treasured books; notably A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner and Douglas AdamsThe Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a trilogy in five parts!)]

Hello! You catch me doing a spot of spring-cleaning as it were (many springs overdue) and still far from complete yet! I’ve removed some old cobwebs from this entrance space, but other links are likely to remain under (re)construction for some time ... (sorry).

Life-related stuff
This part tenders some links that lead to more words about the bits of life, the universe and everything that conspire to keep this bear occupied and bemused the most! The links are more neatly stacked within the side-panel thingy, but it may be friendlier to meet them here first.
Naturally, some bits are more stubborn or bothersome than others, and, at times, some bits are more full of bounce than others. However, generally, on the good days, the various pieces of teaching and research stuff play together nicely (at least, to this bear’s mind)!
The research stuff has bubbled up, mostly randomly, from pondering over the riddle of the Japanese writing system [JWS]. It might help to imagine two little streams trickling along in the same general direction.
The first stream, which is more psycholinguistic in nature, connects together three bits of research stuff:
Japanese lemma unit model [JLUM]; Model of the Japanese mental lexicon based on priming studies.
Japanese word association database [JWAD]; Database of word associations for basic Japanese vocabulary.
Japanese lexical properties database [JLPD]; Utilizing an ontology to construct a large-scale database.
The second stream, which is more linguistic in nature, connects together two other bits of research stuff:
Writing systems research [WSR]; Particular concern for the typology of writing systems.
Online research bibliography of written language and literacy [ORBWLL]; Under gradual compilation!
Of course, the most cherished bits of life-stuff are the precious encounters with friends and colleagues along the way! And, this little bear feels especially blessed in that respect, with three bits deserving particular note:
Association for Written Language and Literacy [AWLL]; It has been my immense privilege to serve as AWLL president since 2016 and to have been closely involved in organizing its workshops since 2010.
Written Language and Literacy journal [WLL]; In addition to honor of being an associate editor since 2018 (and previously editorial board member since 2011), I have had treasured opportunities to be a co-guest editor of four AWLL special issues.
○ Many wonderful research collaborators, who have helped with turning various scribblings into proper output.

Place-related stuff
I am a professor of psychology at School of Global Studies, Tama University, Japan
Email address:terry@tama.ac.jp
Postal address:School of Global Studies, Tama University,
802 Engyo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
252-0805, JAPAN