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This page provides links to websites of interest related to written language and literacy.
If you have suggestions for websites that would be of interest to AWLL members, please contact Terry Joyce (AWLL president) to provide details and URL.

Design Regression
Manuscript and Text Cultures
Reading and Writing
SCRIPTA: International Journal of Writing Systems
Scientific Studies of Reading
Writing Systems Research
Written Language & Literacy

Various organizations and projects
Ancient Egyptian Language and Texts: UK
Ancient languages and writing systems in contact: A touchstone for language cchange
Association for Reading and Writing in Asia
Centre for Language and Writing Systems (CLAWS)
Colophons and Scholars
Contexts of and Relations Between Writing Systems (CREWS) Project
Crossreads: Text, materiality and multiculturalism at the crossroads of the ancient Mediterranean
Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Project
Graff-It: Writing on the Margins. Graffiti in Italy (7th - 16th centuries).
INSCRIBE: Invention of scripts and their begining project
Mycenaean Epigraphy Group
Roman Inscriptions of Britain
Scripta PSL
Society for Textual Scholarship
The European Society for Textual Scholarship
The Future of Text Initiative
The World's Writing Systems
Visual Interactions on Early Writing Systems (VIEWS) Project

Related websites and YouTube channels
Alphabets of Europe
Ancient Egyptian cursive scripts
Biblia Arabica
How to Expose False Etymologies of Chinese Characters? An Introduction to the Study of (Early) Chinese Writing
Inside Ancient Egyptian Graphemics
Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine
Linear A Texts & Inscriptions in phonetic transcription & Commentary
Lingua Akshara
Maya Decipherment
Oracc Project
Textdatenbank und Wörterbuch des Klassischen Maya
The Endangered Alphabets Project
The Archaeology of Ancient Magic & Ritual Practice [YouTube channel]
The Oxyrhynchus Papyri
Unicode Consortium
Wikipedia entry on writing system

National Institutions
French: Académie française
Japanese: National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

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