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AWLL distributes occasional newsletters to share information and research between workshops.
Please contact to Terry Joyce (AWLL president), if you wish to be included on the AWLL mailing list or have any news items to share at any time.
Latest newsletter [20200515]
○ On distribution of eighth AWLL newsletter [Terry Joyce (newsletter editor)]
○ In memoriam Beatrice Primus (1953-2019) [Anneke Neijt & Terry Joyce]
○ AWLL11 special issue of Written Language & Literacy 22:2 [Terry Joyce & Robert Crellin]
○ Brief report about the EWS workshop [Terry Joyce]
○ Introducing writing systems: Japanese [6] [Terry Joyce & Keisuke Honda]
○ Thought-provoking quotations and observations [8] [Robert Crellin]
○ Miscellaneous matters
Previous newsletters
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